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25 Simple Marketing Ideas to Implement Today!

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25 Simple Marketing Ideas to Implement Today!

Here are 25 Marketing ideas you can implement today. These are very basic ideas that are often overlooked.
You can track your progress here:

1. Improve your signs inside and out
2. Make your office/store neat and clean
3. Put a new coat of paint
4. Add landscaping
5. Improve parking area
6. Improve your inside and outside merchandising
7. Decorate your store or office with holidays themes
8. Remove clutter from your display areas
9. Upgrade your indoor and outdoor lighting
10. Offer coffee and tea in your waiting area
11. Setup a booth to display your product and services in front of your store or office
12. Give your employees incentive to interact with customers and prospects
13. Host a customer appreciation day
14. Reward your customers to “refer a friend” to you
15. Publish a newsletter for your clients
16. Send updated and regular press releases to newspapers and web services
17. Provide your employees business cards
18. Support your local school programs
19. Offer gift cards
20. Answer clients’ phone calls same day
21. Respond to your clients’ email same day and follow with a phone call
22. Make things simple and easy for your clients
23. Shop your competition
24. Host a chamber “business after hours” gathering
25. Send thank you cards to your clients

Make certain to track your results and share with your clients and employees. Sharing your success will engage them even more in your marketing strategy of how to find more customers.
You can start doing these 25 steps right now!


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