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A Guide to Hiring a Web Designer

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Although there are many web design companies available, the services they provide are not equal, and you can see it in the finished product. If you’ll notice, some company web pages are poorly designed, which is why it is crucial you make the right decision when it comes to hiring a designer.

CMS Knowledge is required

Gone are the days when a webpage just needed photos, links and text, because now the interactivity is the name of the game. To get the most from your online presence, the company must be versed in open source CMS (Content Management System) platforms such as Drupal, Joomla or WordPress. With an integrated CMS platform you’ll be able to manage the content of your website easily, and under the hands of a skilled designer you will end up with just one page to oversee your site’s functions, very handy.

Other Factors to Consider

A good site designer will do more than just add images to your site as they’ll also set up a system that makes it easy for you to upload multimedia content, link the site to specific domains, edit and more. In addition, custom site design along with CMS gives you the opportunity to choose from a wide array of plug-ins, themes, colors and other features that will add appeal to the layout design. Here are things you should expect from your web designer:

  • Stunning, fast, creative, and effective designs
  • Well laid out web pages to improve navigation for the user
  • Attractive visual design that identifies and works for your target market
  • Clear instructions and labeling for a perfect user experience
  • Private in progress viewing during design and development
  • Content Management System allowing you to easily edit your website
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help you with search engine ranking
  • A sitemap to help visitors find what they are looking for
  • Search engine friendly navigation menu

Aside from creating a site that’s easy to navigate, the web designer can configure your site so it is Google friendly, thus making it easier for users to find your site. While a basic designer can make a site search engine friendly, CMS platforms are SEO optimized so traffic in your site will increase rapidly. By hiring a web designer that provides CMS services, you’ll have an easier time supporting several sites and provide authorized access to users anywhere they are, essential if you are sharing information.

Hire a web designer who is not just a website designer, they should be a business savvy organization

which caters to small and medium-sized business needs.



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