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Sina Advisory Group is an IT, website design, business, and finance consulting firm serving businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area communities and beyond. Our services are designed for all types of businesses that want to improve their company’s performance and increase their return on investment.

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The Five-Legged Chair Analogy

A well balanced company could be compared to a chair. The main purpose of a chair is to be a seat. The more legs it has to support it, the better the chair will perform, especially under pressure. Many organizations have one or two “legs” that are in good working order, but Sina Advisory Group believes that five are needed to create a solid foundation of success.

1. Information Technology (IT)

2. Finance

3. Business Operations

4. People (sales, customer service, HR, etc.)

5. Products and Services

Sina Advisory Group provides a unique service that directly, or indirectly improves every “leg” of your company. Showing you how to fine-tune and integrate these five support systems will help to enhance your profits, whether you are in a product or service industry. Your success depends on running a well-balanced business, and Sina Advisory Group will help you create a stable foundation to make that dream of success a reality for your organization.

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